Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Columbus flea market

(photo hijacked from Jill Harris)
last thurs. i hit Columbus early and without jeff. tuck is home from school, so jeff watched tuck while i ran over to the market before taking the car in to fix the AC (3 years old and the AC has broken twice now). my goal was to find a vintage doll for a project i am working on. and you can see from the photo, that i did indeed find the perfect doll. while i was there, i ran into beth and jill, which was really fun. they both were pushing around their cute little carts while i chose to hand carry my stuff in bags and backpacks ( i find those carts are so hard to get around the booths) finally i ran into beth again and i opened my palm up to show her that i had .21 cents left and it was time to go! tomorrow is thurs - see you there!

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  1. How lucky you are to have all these old time treasures so close. The Flea Markets here are drying up and there is not much true vintage left.


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