Thursday, May 28, 2009

look for the new Belle Amoire Jewelry

I'm really excited to tell you that i have a piece in the new Belle Amoire jewelry magazine. Judy Wilkenfeld put out a casting call to me, Ro Bruhn, Diane Frey. Jen Crossley and Deryn Mentock to create a couple of projects using the darling little metal dolls she had casted in pewter. I can't wait to see all the different pieces that were created. I made two pieces and not really sure if one or both are included, but we'll see! check out Judy's blog to see full coverage. And if you are interested, Judy sells the pewter dolls on her etsy site.

here are the two pieces i created using her pewter dolls:

i called this one "Belle of the ball". she's really pretty because she is all done in the same silver/pewter tone. her chain is made of deconstructed crystal rosary beads and rhinestones.


this one i called "Monopoly Queen". When i first saw the pewter dolls, they reminded me of game tokens. i had a little metal case in my stash that had Monopoly images on it (i think it had candy in it at one time). so i cut it into charms, made charms from some of the hotels and houses and then gave her a crown cut from some of the metal. game token pieces also make up some of the charms.


  1. That's so exciting, Kecia!!! You are in extraordinary company!!!

    I'm glad life is getting back to "normal" and that Tucker is back in school and feeling better!

  2. Woo Hoo that is wonderful!!! Can't wait to see the issue...and what you created!

  3. You're going to love the's gorgeous!

  4. great news! Keep us posted!!!

  5. congratulations! I'm sure what ever you made is wonderful. will have to pick that issue up when I see it. I love to tell my husband... "oh look! I know here from blogland!" Or "look!! I have a piece of her artwork!"

  6. WOW your looks amazing it wonderful how we all have our own approach on these wonderful dolls

  7. Congrats, a well deserved feature on your jewelry.
    Very clever indeed. I am sure you will be happy, Stampington did a sensational job.

  8. How awesome is that???? Congratulations!


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