Monday, May 4, 2009

a few more pics, artnsoul, hampton, va


Bee Shay and Glenny working hard at the office

me and the bunny slipper wearin, super sweet, Sarah Whitmire. it was Sarah's birthday and she brought along her very sweet, financee to the retreat. i wish i had thought to snap a photo of the together. he took classes with her, which i thought was ultra cool!

Thomas and Jane Wynn. how cute does Jane look?

and finally..... the theme this year was rock and roll and they had this huge talking Elvis by the store. i couldn't help but get friendly with him.

i just wanted to give a big thank you to Jane for helping me unload and pack up for vendor night. So, NOT your responsibiltiy, yet you were there to pitch in (sorry about the
"rock incident"). i owe you!


  1. Wow you had so much cool....Thanks for sharing the photo's of all your adventures.

    Can I use the cute pic you took of Gigi? I would like to make a little digital college with it. I love her little crown.

    I saw only the first part of the online video...You were sitting and talking to someone and eating! It was fun to see you there.

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